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Dr. Anna Kress is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience providing psychotherapy.

She completed her training as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University and is in private practice in Princeton, NJ. Dr. Kress provides trauma-informed psychotherapy to help individuals heal past wounds and create the life they’ve always wanted. She has been a practicing meditator for thirty years and has an interest in the psychology of spirituality. Her research has focused on spirituality among women who are experiencing infertility. Dr. Kress leads educational and experiential workshops on emotional health and manifesting goals. Her work has been quoted and featured in a variety of media, including Cosmopolitan, SUCCESS, Girlboss, Shape, Teen Vogue, Yoga Journal, Parents, and Women’s Health.

Have you ever said to yourself...
“Everyone tells me to just relax and then I’ll start attracting what I want into my life. But I have too much anxiety to just relax.”
“Why is it that I can manifest some goals easily while others get farther away the more I try?”
“I know that I shouldn’t get attached to the outcome if I want to manifest my goal, but it’s just so hard!”
“I tried clearing limiting beliefs, but more limiting beliefs just kept popping up...and worse yet, my goal still hasn’t manifested.”
“Trying to think only positive thoughts is really stressing me out.”
If any of these statements apply to you, you're not alone.

Manifesting can be exciting one moment and discouraging the next.

To make matters worse, many of the tools out there to help you manifest your goals don’t work once you reach a certain level of frustration or if you have a history of trauma. That’s when anxiety and self-blame can take over and the frustration of waiting can feel unbearable.

I learned this firsthand when I was a graduate student working on my dissertation research on spirituality and reproductive trauma. The women in my study wanted to have a baby more than anything and the emotional distress they were experiencing was understandable and undeniable. The truth is that no amount of positive thinking on your part can stand a chance against the emotional turmoil that unrealized dreams can stir up. That is, until you approach manifesting in a trauma-informed way. That’s why I created Trauma-Informed Manifesting®.

Regulate your emotions. Heal your past.

Trauma-Informed Manifesting® is an approach to manifesting goals that is empowering and supportive to all, but is particularly inclusive and responsive to the needs of people who have experienced trauma. It explores the impact of popular manifestation advice on mental health and promotes an awareness of healthy practices.

When it comes to manifesting, trauma can interfere with the healthy pursuit of goals by impacting your beliefs, emotions, and behaviors long after the threat is gone. It can cause you to focus on surviving rather than thriving despite your best efforts to move beyond fear.

Trauma-Informed Manifesting® helps you feel safe and empowered enough to grow and pursue your goals in healthy ways.

Once you start to experience safety and empowerment, you’re able to embody confidence and develop trust in yourself and the manifestation process. Survival becomes less of a focal point and you feel ready for more.

With Trauma-Informed Manifesting® you open up to a whole new world of self-compassion and creative possibilities that you couldn’t have accessed before.

Then, suddenly, the “what if” scenarios that used to keep you up at night (as in, What if my goal never manifests? and What if I’m sabotaging myself?) get replaced with …

  • What if I’m able to put less pressure on myself?
  • What if I have more compassion for myself and what I’m going through?
  • What if I can feel more inner peace as I pursue my goals?
  • What if I soothe myself instead of blaming myself?

What I’ve learned after twenty years of helping people with their emotions and life goals is that prioritizing your emotional health over your goals is the kindest, and often the fastest, route to manifesting them.

That’s when we feel the most unblocked and aligned. It’s also when things start clicking into place.

Just imagine what’s possible for you once you once you look at manifesting in a self-compassionate way.

Go here to take my Trauma-Informed Manifesting® courses online, including my recent course called Healing from Negative Manifestation Experiences. To learn more about trauma and manifesting, go here to read my article on Trauma-Informed Manifesting®.

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