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Dr. Kress’ approach to therapy is engaging and collaborate. She offers trauma-informed psychotherapy to address a variety of issues.

Issues that Dr. Kress provides therapy for include: anxiety, depression, complex trauma, self-esteem issues, stress management, relationship difficulties, academic pressure, career issues, and spiritual struggles.

Dr. Kress works with the following groups:

Complex Trauma Survivors
Dr. Kress works with survivors of repeated long-term trauma. She helps clients understand and develop self-compassion for their attachment wounds and trauma responses. She utilizes Internal Family System (IFS) to safely process traumatic memories. In addition to IFS, Dr. Kress provides psychoeducation about the nervous system and helps clients learn effective strategies for self-regulation. Some of the concerns she addresses include emotion dysregulation, relationship struggles, boundaries, and self-care.
Students and Young Adults
Dr. Kress has many years of experience working with young adults in college counseling centers and in private practice. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University, a Staff Psychologist at Rutgers University, and an intern at The College of New Jersey. Some of the concerns she addresses include academic pressure, imposter syndrome, dissertation procrastination, dating/relationship issues, interview/job search stress, depression, and anxiety.
The Gifted and Profoundly Gifted
While intellectual abilities in the gifted are usually recognizable, the emotional and behavioral characteristics that come along with being gifted are often misunderstood. These characteristics can be challenging and lead to an exacerbation of mental health symptoms or a misdiagnosis. Dr. Kress was a liaison for SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted), and has presented workshops for other gifted organizations. She works with gifted and profoundly gifted clients to help them understand their giftedness, modulate emotional intensity and sensitivity, increase self-acceptance, and manage perfectionism.
Spiritual Leaders and Seekers
Dr. Kress has a background in the psychology of spirituality. She provides therapy to spiritual leaders, leaders-in-training, religious scholars, spiritual healers, and spiritual seekers. Some of the concerns she addresses include self-care, being an empath, work/life balance, boundaries, personal healing, spiritual struggles, spiritual bypassing, and spiritual growth.

Fees & Insurance

Dr. Kress participates in the Princeton Student Health Plan. While she does not accept insurance for non-students, Dr. Kress will provide you with invoices that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please call your insurance company for information about out-of-network benefits first.

Office location

Dr. Kress’ office is conveniently located within walking distance from Princeton University in downtown Princeton, NJ. She currently provides only teletherapy appointments.

Office Location

22 Stockton Street, Suite 206
Princeton, NJ 08540

Mailing Address

174 Nassau Street #219
Princeton, NJ 08542