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06 · 26 · 19

How to Keep Stress and Anxiety from Ruining Your Vacation

Does the thought of taking a summer vacation with your loved ones stress you out?  We know that taking a much-needed break can be an […]

05 · 31 · 19

Steps for Climbing Out of Depression

If you are one of the seventeen million American adults who struggles with major depression, you might wonder if there are steps you can take […]

04 · 24 · 19

Study Shows that an Entitled Approach to Manifesting is Toxic

You’ve probably heard of many approaches to manifesting goals, but have you ever wondered if any of them were toxic? Research shows that one approach […]

03 · 08 · 19

When Chasing Happiness Doesn’t Work, Try This

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in my private practice.  A large number of new clients have been coming in expressing […]

02 · 05 · 19

What’s In Your Emotional Alignment Bag?

If you have a scrape or pain, Band Aids and aspirin have you covered.  But what if your pain is emotional?  What if you feel […]


How to Avoid Entrepreneurship Mania

If you believe that the road to success begins and ends with being an entrepreneur, you aren’t the only one.  The desire to be an […]


3 Steps to Releasing Your Attachment to an Outcome

What does it mean to get attached to an outcome and how do we release it and manifest our goals?  How do we go from pushing […]

10 · 17 · 19

3 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Manifesting

“Let’s make law of attraction detox centers around the country…we’re almost at that point.” -Matt Kahn Working on manifesting a goal can be exciting and […]