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06 · 27 · 23

Is “Lucky Girl Syndrome” Toxic?

Is “lucky girl syndrome” just an example of toxic positivity? Yes and no. The idea that we can manifest more luck simply by believing we […]

10 · 26 · 21

3 Ways Toxic Positivity Harms Our Mental Health

If positive platitudes seem insensitive to you during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Our mental health is suffering and “good vibes only” culture is on […]

09 · 22 · 20

Can You Overthink Positive Thinking? The Hidden Dangers of the Law of Attraction and OCD

People have been turning to positive thinking advice for ages to feel empowered.  But is it possible to overdo it?  Can the idea that we […]

09 · 01 · 20

Is Your Approach to Manifesting Trauma-Informed?

Do you struggle with positive thinking advice because of trauma?  Do you blame yourself more or worry about having negative thoughts after learning about the […]

10 · 17 · 19

3 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Manifesting

“Let’s make law of attraction detox centers around the country…we’re almost at that point.” -Matt Kahn Working on manifesting a goal can be exciting and […]

02 · 05 · 19

3 Steps to Releasing Your Attachment to an Outcome

What does it mean to get attached to an outcome and how do we release it and manifest our goals?  How do we go from pushing […]

10 · 23 · 22

Does the Viral “O Method” Manifestation Trend Work?

The “O Method” is the newest TikTok manifestation trend. Here’s everything you need to know to try it for yourself. What It Means The “O” […]