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02 · 14 · 24

Turn the Viral “Whisper Method” Manifestation Trend Into Your Secret Superpower

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What is the Whisper Method?

The whisper method is a manifestation practice that has gone viral on social media the last few years. It’s basically visualizing yourself whispering something (usually a command such as “text me”) into someone’s ear and then walking away. The whisper method is often used to try to manifest a connection with a crush or an ex, but there’s more to this practice than you might think.

In psychological research, visualization is called mental rehearsal and it’s linked to high performance and success in many areas of life. Read on to learn more about the whisper method and how you can get the potential benefits of this manifestation trend. 

How to Do It

The first step to doing any visualization technique is to get into the right mindset and nervous system state. You want to feel relaxed and, if possible, confident before visualizing something. This will make it easier to imagine a positive scenario.

Next, imagine the best version of yourself. How do they look? What are they wearing? How do they feel? This ideal self is going to be in your visualization. The next step is to pick and imagine a person you’d like to contact. This is often referred to as your “sp” or specific person. Next, see yourself walking up to them, whispering in their ear, kissing them on the cheek (if you like), and then confidently walking away.

And that’s it. What you choose to whisper is up to you, but we’ll talk about the pros and cons of your message (and the whisper method as a whole) next.

The Pros and Cons of the Whisper Method

The whisper method can be empowering because it makes you imagine the best version of yourself. It can also help you stop ruminating about what you desire because you believe it is coming your way.

After trying the method, you might even find yourself feeling more hopeful and open to new possibilities. This can be a self-fulfilling prophecy that leads to success because it makes you more aware of and receptive to opportunities—as long as you’re not too attached to the outcome or rigid about things unfolding in a certain way.

The whisper method might not be in your best interest, however, if your intention is to try to use it to manipulate others.

If the message is toxic or the receiver is a toxic person for you, you might be using the method in a harmful way. And, if that’s the case, reflect on your motives and steer toward what’s truly best for you and the other person. For example, rather than using the whisper method to get your toxic ex back into your life, focus on healing and using manifestation tools to call in a healthier relationship.

Keep reading to see how you can use the whisper method in a positive way—changing it from a manipulation tactic into your superpower. 

5 Tips to Turn the Whisper Method into Your Secret Superpower

1. Use the whisper method as an invitation instead of an imposition

Try not to use the whisper method too often.  A little goes a long way. Also, rather than trying to force your will upon someone, imagine whispering something inviting such as:

  • “I’m open to reconnecting with you”
  • “Text me if you’d like to get together”
  • “I wish you well”
  • “Thank you”
2. Try the whisper method with your friends as a fun experiment

If you’d like to sharpen your intuitive skills, take turns sending messages with your friends such as “text me” or “want to get coffee with me?”

3. Get clear about the essence of what you really want

Rather than imagining a specific person, imagine the type of person you’d like to work with or date. If you have a hard time coming up with one, imagine a character from a show or movie who embodies the qualities you’re looking for in a boss, customer, or romantic partner. Use it as a symbol of what you want and be open to it unfolding in a different way. If your mind and heart are receptive, you might discover that someone different will offer you an amazing opportunity that’s remarkably similar to the one you imagined. 

4. Don’t give up on visualizing

Visualization is a scientifically proven practice used to improve performance in many areas of life. Keep trying different variations of visualization to see which one works best for you. Maybe you don’t want to imagine whispering in someone’s ear. Maybe it’s more effective for you to imagine a scenario in which you feel confident and have a partner who treats you well. Don’t give up on visualizing if the whisper method feels too constricting to you.

5. Use the whisper method to imagine a world in which you are supported and appreciated

Rather than trying to get a specific person to do something, use it to imagine people responding well to you. Whether it’s people you work with or people you date, imagine being valued, recognized, and loved. Visualize yourself feeling truly secure. If you’re still struggling because you want to get a specific person to desire you, read my articles on manifesting love and releasing your attachment to outcomes.

Final Thoughts

You deserve healthy, positive, and supportive relationships in all areas of your life. Keep that the focus, and you’ll be on your way to visualizing and having more of them.

Your Turn

Do you have any thoughts or questions about the whisper method?

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I love the idea of making it an invitation rather than an imposition. I don’t want to compel people to act a certain way. I just want them to see me at my best and to feel invited to have a better relationship with me. I’m going to try it with only the best intentions for me and for others. Thank you for this perspective.

Thanks for commenting, Paige! Having good intentions is an important part of making this manifestation practice healthy. Good luck with it!

I love the idea of using the whisper method to imagine people responding well to you. TikTok presents it in a much more manipulative way. This feels right to me.

Glad you enjoyed the article, Justine! I tried to bring out the potentially healthy aspects of the practice!