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Master manifesting
by mastering your moods

I’m Dr. Anna Kress and I love to help people who are struggling to manifest a long-desired dream—whether it’s finding a romantic partner, getting pregnant, becoming an entrepreneur, or some other important goal.

As a clinical psychologist who has been providing psychotherapy for almost twenty years, I believe that the emotional work we do while we’re trying to manifest is just as important as what we want to manifest. I’ve also found that having a better relationship with our emotions can make manifesting dreams easier, faster and less stressful. In fact, being able to regulate emotions well might be the most important factor in manifesting because it helps us manage challenges and obstacles with more confidence and resilience. I invite you to explore my website and see how emotion regulation is the true secret to success. Welcome!

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Are you tired of waiting for your important life goals to manifest?
Do you still feel excited about manifesting or has your initial optimism worn off?
Do you worry excessively about positive thinking, being happy, or having high vibes?
If so, it’s time to take a look at how your emotions are affecting you so you can feel good about your goals again—even your most challenging ones.